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Sowing The Seeds of Intention

After cultivation the next step is sowing. The land is prepared and now it is time for the seeds to be placed into well fertilized and tilled ground. When the right seeds are placed in the right conditions to honor their growth, this is when sowing takes place.

When you desire to sow in your own life imagine yourself not as having planted the seed of your intention but instead imagine yourself as being that seed. That seed is centered within the soil of your mind. Soil that you have already taken the time to remove the weeds, tangles, and thorns.

When I think of sowing, the yoga pose that comes to mind is child's pose. A child, like a seed is filled with so much latent potential that is ready to grow and blossom. The energy of this pose is one of ease and self connection. Huddled in close to yourself, that potential is contained into a mass central point. You curl in, release your breath, and sink into the darkness within you as you close your eyes and become tuned into your breath.

At the start of many yoga classes this is even a space where we come to set an intention. Within this intention exists the full bounty of potential ready to grow into what we desire.

What you want and desire is already inside you. Just as an apple seed contains the full blueprint to produce an apple tree, the seeds of intention that you plant contain the full blueprint to manifest into that which you are seeking in your life.

Set an intention for yourself and take part in this yoga practice to help you link your body, mind and breath into one as your full self to become engaged and absorbed with your intention.


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