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Yoga Classes & Events

Women's History Month 

Majestic Mondays Yoga Series

March 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th

8pm -9pm EST

Celebrate women's history month and open up to the magic that lies within you. Kicking off on International Women's Day, this 4-week yoga series will allow you to flow with mind, body, and breath.

As women, we often don't give ourselves the time and care that we need. Let's change that and use this month of Women's History to truly celebrate and embrace ourselves.

Yoga is an excellent outlet for expression, health, wellness, empowerment, and self-love.

Each class will be done at a comfortable pass that is suitable for all levels.


Week 1 will focus on your Root Chakra, and Sacral Chakra to tap into your foundation and creativity.


Week 2 will focus on Solar Plexus Chakra to tap into your power, strength and radiance.


Week 3 will focus on your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra to tap into your love for self and others and speaking your pure passionate truth.


Week 4 will focus on your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, and connection with your higher self and universal energy.

This series is presented by YoginiTransit and taught by Camille Ricks. Camille is an international yoga teacher, certified life coach, and nonprofit grant writer and consultant.⁠

Dates March 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th,

8pm - 9pm EST

Tickets start at $11 per session or $37 for all 4 sessions. ⁠

There is also a donation option to pay what you can.  ⁠

20% of proceeds will be allocated to a nonprofit focused on the development and empowerment of women and girls.

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