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Yogini Transit's Purpose

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There comes a point in every woman's life when she faces major changes and transitions that she must go through. These cycles occur many times in our lives and are the push that we need to get closer to our best selves.

"In order to get to yourself, you must go through yourself"

- Camille  Ricks - Yogini Transit

Yogini Transit combines the sacred feminine of the divine goddess in yoga known as "Yogini", with the change and transformation or movement across one condition to another inspired by flow, journeying, and travel know as "Transit".

In essence, Yogini Transit is a The Feminine Journey To Self

"Life goes on within you


and without you"

Over the past several years I faced major changes and transitions in my own life that lead me on the path and strong desire to learn about, connect with, and explore my feminine energy and how to use this natural energy and power that I have been gifted with as a woman. 

I've learned that my life is a blank canvas that I paint with the images and colors that I see fit. That I am a co-creator of my life. That what I desire in life is constantly moving towards me and that the power of my feminine energy allows me to attract any and everything that I desire.  

"Look Within"

You have this power within yourself too. Just like every woman before you, you must  create and then walk upon your own path in your life  in order to meet your highest self. This is a life long journey where you will face many changes, transits, and evolution's. The good news is that you don't have to travel this journey alone. You can be part of a global community of women that are all along different parts of this feminine journey of body, mind , and spirit connection. 

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