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After cultivation the next step is sowing. The land is prepared and now it is time for the seeds to be placed into well fertilized and tilled ground. When the right seeds are placed in the right conditions to honor their growth, this is when sowing takes place.

When you desire to sow in your own life imagine yourself not as having planted the seed of your intention but instead imagine yourself as being that seed. That seed is centered within the soil of your mind. Soil that you have already taken the time to remove the weeds, tangles, and thorns.

When I think of sowing, the yoga pose that comes to mind is child's pose. A child, like a seed is filled with so much latent potential that is ready to grow and blossom. The energy of this pose is one of ease and self connection. Huddled in close to yourself, that potential is contained into a mass central point. You curl in, release your breath, and sink into the darkness within you as you close your eyes and become tuned into your breath.

At the start of many yoga classes this is even a space where we come to set an intention. Within this intention exists the full bounty of potential ready to grow into what we desire.

What you want and desire is already inside you. Just as an apple seed contains the full blueprint to produce an apple tree, the seeds of intention that you plant contain the full blueprint to manifest into that which you are seeking in your life.

Set an intention for yourself and take part in this yoga practice to help you link your body, mind and breath into one as your full self to become engaged and absorbed with your intention.

Our lives and minds are like a garden. We must tend to that garden in order to stimulate our growth. Growth starts with cultivation. Before we plant the seeds, we must prepare ourselves and provide those seeds the best and most fertile soil to grow in. We most till and plow the soil in which we intend to plant our seeds until it is loose, rich, and fertile in order for the ideal growing conditions to occur.

When it comes to our lives as women that cultivation begins with digging deep within ourselves and truly discovering and embracing who we are and what we want out of life. It involves engaging in the right activities, education, and personal development so that our mind, body, and spirit are aligned and prepared to hold onto and provide ideal growing conditions for the seeds that we plant within.

It means removing the weeds in our thoughts, expectations, and outlook on life. When we cultivate the garden of our mind, body, and spirit we create the conditions within ourselves to manifest the life that we aspire to. We work on our individual plot of land and prepare it to one day reward us with a bountiful harvest. Plow pose, demonstrated below with 3 different variations is a great yoga pose to help you become fully focused and release tension.

If you feel inspired to activate and cultivate your feminine power so that you can blossom into the woman you were meant to be and enrich your life and business then I invite you to sign up for the Divine Feminine Power Yoga Challenge. This is a 3 day challenge helping you to connect to your feminine aspects with mind, body, and breath.

As a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years and now a teacher for almost 2 years I wanted to share how yoga can give you calm, clarity, and peace of mind both on your mat and in real life situations. It doesn't matter what level of flexibility you are at. What matters is your intention and your connection of your body, your mind, and your breath.

Stop for a moment right now where you are seated and bring your awareness to your breath, inhale fully and deeply, let your shoulders move away from your ear and begin to settle. Feel your spine lengthen and your belly expand. Exhale and let everything go. Let go of stress, anxiety, and fear. Now breathe in again. Breathe in love, health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and joy. Let this feeling and this breath fill you up. Now exhale, breathe out worry, doubt.

Now breath in fill up your lungs, your heart, your soul with the breath of calm, clarity, and peace. Now exhale and send that calm, clarity, and peace to your friends, family, neighbors, local community, and global community. Knowing that flow is the essential aspect of life that keeps everything moving as it should. Visit the home page and scroll down to subscribe to receive a free audio version of this exercise straight to your inbox.

Come back to that exercise as often as you need to. Do it while you are seated and stretch your arms above your head, if you can do it with your eyes closed. Just taking the time to go within. To really connect with your breath. Try moving your body in different ways as you are breathing intentionally letting each movement connect to your breath. Stretch your arms high. Clasp the hands together and bend side to side. Just do what feels good to your body.

Yoga isn't about being flexible or accomplishing a particular pose in a "perfect way", yoga means "to yoke" this is to form a union with your mind, body, and breathe. This union is what we can always tap into even when we are not on our yoga mats. We can always tap into the power of our breath, for clarity, calm, and focus.

As you begin to learn to tap into your mind, breath, and body connection, you will find that stressful situations are easier to deal with. You will begin to be more in tune with your feelings and be able to respond objectively to situations rather then out of fear or worry.

You will live with calm, clarity, and peace of mind no matter the circumstances occurring around you. It all starts with your breath and bringing your attention away from the outer world and towards your inner world getting your inner world aligned and knowing that the outer world is only a reflection of your inner world.

Yogini Transit - Transform From Within ... Mind, Body, Breath

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