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Every Garden Begins With Cultivation.

Our lives and minds are like a garden. We must tend to that garden in order to stimulate our growth. Growth starts with cultivation. Before we plant the seeds, we must prepare ourselves and provide those seeds the best and most fertile soil to grow in. We most till and plow the soil in which we intend to plant our seeds until it is loose, rich, and fertile in order for the ideal growing conditions to occur.

When it comes to our lives as women that cultivation begins with digging deep within ourselves and truly discovering and embracing who we are and what we want out of life. It involves engaging in the right activities, education, and personal development so that our mind, body, and spirit are aligned and prepared to hold onto and provide ideal growing conditions for the seeds that we plant within.

It means removing the weeds in our thoughts, expectations, and outlook on life. When we cultivate the garden of our mind, body, and spirit we create the conditions within ourselves to manifest the life that we