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Calm, Clarity, and Peace of Mind Through Yoga

As a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years and now a teacher for almost 2 years I wanted to share how yoga can give you calm, clarity, and peace of mind both on your mat and in real life situations. It doesn't matter what level of flexibility you are at. What matters is your intention and your connection of your body, your mind, and your breath.

Stop for a moment right now where you are seated and bring your awareness to your breath, inhale fully and deeply, let your shoulders move away from your ear and begin to settle. Feel your spine lengthen and your belly expand. Exhale and let everything go. Let go of stress, anxiety, and fear. Now breathe in again. Breathe in love, health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and joy. Let this feeling and this breath fill you up. Now exhale, breathe out worry, doubt.

Now breath in fill up your lungs, your heart, your soul with the breath of calm, clarity, and peace. N