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Transit Tuesday and Reflection on Introspection and Self Love

For the past few weeks I have been sharing live yoga sessions for anyone to take part in. During the month of January the theme was introspection meaning the process of looking within and connecting with your true self and source. This was about really taking the time to breath, center yourself and become grounded in your own self worth and greatness by connecting to the inner being that is always and has always been with you and in you.

Now in the month of February, the theme for the month is love... self love, learning the source of love and learning to give and receive love. Learning to fully open ones heart to be able to accept love and light into our heart while also allowing that love to flow freely to others and to the world. Knowing that we all have an infinite source of love, prosperity, and abundance that comes from the infinite source and grace of the universe.

For the second time while teaching these online live yoga classes, I completely broke down in uncontrollable tears. In the first video around the 14 to 16 minute mark and in the second video around 33 to 36 minute mark I began to be taken over by emotion and eventually crying loudly, balling my eyes out, and feeling completely flooded in that emotion that I was feeling. I believe that in these moments that I was truly experiencing and being absorbed by that inner awareness and self love that I strive always reach within myself and to share and help others come in tune with.

It was an intensely emotional experience for me that I feel the need to reflect on and share with others. Being taken over by emotion so strongly that I had no choice but to completely surrender and let go to the feeling that I was feeling. Even as I tried to maintain my composure and fight through the tears there was something in me that needed to hear the words that I was speaking just as much as others need to hear it.

For this experience I am grateful, humbled and want to share the love that I feel right now to everyone that is open to accepting it, and wish that others will begin on the journey of learning to open up and accept love as well.

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