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My first week teaching yoga and living at Keela Yoga Farm in Portugal

Just a few days ago I arrived in Portugal to begin 6 weeks of teaching yoga at Keela Yoga Farm. It was quite an adventure to get here and I after a few days I have gotten into a routine and learned more about the farm and what I will be doing over the next few weeks. I arrived on Wednesday September 19th and as I mentioned the journey was quite interesting. After flying across the atlantic ocean from NY and landing in Lisbon, I had to take 2 trains, a taxi and ride in the back of a pickup truck to reach my final destination.

On the airplane to Portugal

Waiting for the train to Fundao.

P.S. I really loved having this awesome travel backpack by Osprey. Being able to move around quickly and hands free and not lug a suitcase around is so nice. If you are planning your next adventure it is a must have. Get it here!!

When we all finally arrived together to the farm we had a lovely lunch and a lovely tea that was absolutely delicious after such a long journey traveling. The next day at 7am I taught my first 1 hr long yoga class to the other volunteers that are helping out and staying on the farm. I was a bit nervous but everyone loved it and felt very relaxed and calm after the session and gave me great compliments which have motivated me further and I feel humbled to have such an amazing opportunity to teach yoga in such a beautiful setting surrounded by beauty and nature. In the evening I led a session of mantra chanting, pranayama, and yoga nidra meditation. This was also a new experience for me. As the next 6 weeks on the farm progress I look forward to seeing how my teaching abilities also progress.

In addition to teaching yoga and meditation on the farm to the volunteers, I also have been helping with some of the farm work and in just a few days learning about the land. During the month of October which is coming up soon, Keela Yoga farm will be having a food forest course where volunteers will learn how to implement a sustainably self sufficient food forest on a piece of land. So far in just a few days I have learned how to identify various trees and plants for edible food. I have learned how to harvest seeds out of sunflowers and also how to harvest leafy greens out of the garden for salads.

Sign leading to the yoga deck where I teach morning yoga class.

Yoga deck from side view

Yoga deck with lovely scenic view where I get to teach yoga classes.

Handmade yoga wooden yoga blocks and mats for yoga class

My living quarters are in a teepee with two other lovely ladies. I really love the sense of community that we have all developed in just the past few days. We are taking turns cooking meals until the chef arrives in a week or so and I have had the great pleasure of having such a wide range of meals prepared with love from different cultures and backgrounds. The volunteers are from all over the world and working with such a varied group of people will be a great character building experience I believe.

I will be living in this lovely teepee for the next 6 weeks.

This is what the teepee looks like on the inside

First meal that I cooked for the group- butternut squash, bean, and kale stew.

So to summarize my first week, I traveled almost 3500 miles across the Atlantic ocean, and I am now teaching yoga and volunteering on a permaculture farm in Portugal. I am excited for what the remaining weeks here have in store for me as I develop my yoga teaching, learn more about the farm, and further get to know the lovely group of people that I am working and living with.

Now as they say in Portuguese..... Ate a proxima vez!! (until next time!)

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