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Week 4 Athayoganushasanam

Athayoganushasanam is a sanskrit word which means yoga begins with discipline. It is the first sutra from Pantajalis yoga sutras and is a perfect theme to wrap up this series of posts and discuss my 4th and final week of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. This final week of YTT definitely involved a lot of self discipline. By now the rigorous daily schedule had become second nature. Only a week of this continued schedule and the passing of the written and practical exam stood in the way of passing the course and becoming a certified yoga teacher. However one important lesson that was emphasized in our philosophy class was the idea of not becoming attached to the result. Yes we were all there to obtain our certification but we need not think, worry, or overemphasize that. Just be in the moment of each class and lesson and put 100% into the action of the present moment.

In one of our final meditation classes we were introduced to the So Hum mantra. It translates to "I am that" and it works by silently focusing on the breath. With each inhalation you silently say So and which exhalation you silently say Hum. I really enjoy this form of meditation because it allows me to focus internally and gives my wandering mind something to do as I develop my focus. I know that it will be an important part of my meditation practice.