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Update to downsizing challenge.

Over the past month I have been dowsizing my belongings as part of a 30 day downsizing challenge. A lot of progress was made and I was able to purge many unneccesary items from my life. After completion of the challenge I was able to fit all of my beloning including my bike into a regular sized car. This is such a great accomplishment because when i moved into my apartment it took 2 carloads to fit my stuff. So yes I literally got rid of a car load of stuff. 

It was definitely a very challenging and emotional experience. For  hours a day for the past several weeks i would set my belongings out and one item at a time make a decision if it was something to keep or something to purge. Many items were easy to get rid of however some items were difficult to part with. The entire process was even at times overwhelming but i stuck with it. 

During the month i made several trips to various places such as Platos Closet and The Goodwill to sell and donate items. I even held a small yard sale. 

One of my major accomplishments was the downsizing of my wardrobe. I was able to reduce my wardrobe significantly and get rid of clothes that no longer fit me or served a useful function in my life. 

Below you can see a visual of the progress that I made. I also must note for accuracy that the after picture does not show a few additional items such as my bike and the carry on items and yoga mat that I am taking with me on my trip to India. 

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