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As I'm preparing for this trip and setting myself up for the life that I want; I am realizing that I need to downsize and let go of possessions that don't have a meaningful purpose in my life. Possession.... its quite an interesting word. It means the act of having or taking into control, or something that is owned, occupied, or controlled. It makes you wonder if you own your possesions or if its the other way around. Even though I've already downsized somewhat from living in a house to a small studio apartment I feel that there is so much more that I need to let go of. It's definitely not an easy process. As I write this I have a full size bed covered in 2 full loads of folded laundry, a large suitcase and storage bin full of clothes, as well as a dresser filled with clothes. This is all after already getting rid of a ton of clothes. I have more food storage containers then 1 person should ever need, and lots of random odds and ends that when attempting to do a purge I will pick up and say , "oh but maybe someday I will use it" and then it just goes back into its little box or corner where it stays latent until I pick it up again months later and say, "Maybe someday I will use it."

Here are some of the things that I have gathered to let go of. The bags contain fabric curtains.

Well I don't want to wait for maybe someday anymore which is why I am starting a self challenge, called the 30 day letting go challenge. Anyone that is reading this is welcome to join at anytime. The rules of the challenge are as follows:

1) You must get rid of 30 objects from your home in a 30 day period. It can be something as small as an old keychain, to something as large as an old piece of furniture.

2) The things that you get rid of must be given new life by either being sold, or given away. Anything put into the trash can not count towards the challenge. You can have a garage sale and then offer non selling items for free when its over. You can use an app such as LetGo to sell and give away things locally in your community. You can also look in the craigslist "wanted" section to see if someone is looking for something that you have or post your own items for sale or for free. If you live near a store such as Plato's closet, Once upon a child, or Style Encore you can sell them your gently warn and in style clothing. Finally you can donate things to your local goodwill and salvation army.

3) You can let go of multiple items in a single day, however you must let go of at least 1 item every 3 days and by day 30 you must have let go of a minimum of 30 items.

4) You must document at least every 7 days what you have let go of during the preceding week. You are definitely welcome to document more often but 7 days is the maximum time you should let lapse. Share your experience in the comments below or in your own blog posts which you can then share in the comments below.

5) Relax and rejuvenate in a slightly less clustered home knowing that your old belongings will now be given new life.

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