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Yogini Transit : The Feminine Journey To Self

Transform From Within

At Yogini Transit we empower women to transform themselves from within, and truly step into their power, to inspire and create greatness in the world.

Do you feel out of balance, out of flow and disconnected from yourself?

Disconnected from your own inner being?

Do you want to fully embrace and connect with your femininity as a woman? 

Take a deep breath in... fill your belly and lungs... now exhale to release the breath completely.



Let... Everything... Go



Be free.



Be you.


Connect to your center.



Flow into your femininity.



Uphold your power.


Do you want to feel awakened and centered?


Do you want to flow through life with love and ease as water flows through a river?



Do you want to become a magnetizing force allowing success and abundance to flow into your life?


Do you want to trust your intuition as a woman and fully connect to your femininity?


Do you want to connect with the love and energy of other women in a safe and loving space in order to let loose and free yourself from yourself?


My name is Camille and I am the founder of Yogini Transit which has been a reflection of my personal journey of self-discovery and embracing and connecting with my femininity and the power that I hold.


3 years ago, I ended an engagement, quit my job, and traveled to India to embark on a long-time goal of mine to become a yoga teacher.

Over the past three years I’ve gone through many experiences that have helped to mold, shape, and enlighten me on my journey of being the ideal version of myself.


Through yoga, meditation, dance, personal development, self-care, reflection and learning to look within I have begun to cultivate my true inner being and femininity.

I now want to help you do the same so that we as women can sow our seeds, form roots, grow, and blossom together, creating a beautiful and collective garden.

Thus, making greater contributions to the world at large, by first learning to tune into and connect with our inner world.



Yoga was the beginning of my own personal journey and now I want to be there for you as you embark on your journey to Transform From Within and become the Best version of YOURSELF!




Ready to dive into your journey to self?

Ready to be fully supported and connected

with a community of like minded women?

Sign Up  Here

 to gain instant access to our online community,

a short anytime meditation

to help bring calm, peace, and clarity to your life,

as well as a chance to win

a free 1 hour private

Femininity Boosting Yoga and Coaching Session,

with a new winner chosen every 3 months!  

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